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How TEM Helps Accounts Payable Managers

At enterprise-level, the role of the accounts payable (AP) department is among the most important. Inundated with carrier service invoices, AP is tasked with ensuring all bills are processed, recorded, authorized and settled on-time and without error.

Often, this is a delicate juggling act, and should the ball be dropped, significant financial repercussions can ensue. But, thankfully, many of the difficulties AP departments face can be alleviated via the partnership with a dedicated TEM provider. Here’s a closer look at how TEM can help relieve the billing burden.  

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Why Telecom Inventory Management is Vital to Enterprises

Knowledge is power. While the originator of this phrase may be often disputed, it’s one that certainly captures the essence of telecom inventory management. This activity can be defined as the tracking and coordination of physical assets and service agreements to better manage telecoms infrastructure and control costs. And the more you know about what you have and how to manage it, the better you can make the most of it and cut costs.

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What to Look for in Managed Mobility Services

Since the emergence of smart devices, mobile working practices have undergone an explosion of activity. While working-on-the-move was considered fantasy just decades ago, the prevalence of wireless internet and devices has given rise to a wealth of flexible working practices, and the mobile maelstrom shows no signs of calming. 

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Cass Achieves Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification for Telecom Management

We are delighted to receive the Efficiency First® vendor solution certification for telecom management from AOTMP, the global information, research and advisory firm for telecom management best practices and industry standards. 

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New Download: Telecom Inventory Management Myths

Managing fixed and mobile telecom assets is no small task. Not only can it prove challenging to locate where resources are, what they do, and how much they cost, but unoptimized and inaccurate telecom inventories are also common, and can result in additional expense as you pay for services that may not be needed.

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Why You Should Track Telecom Provisioning Activities

Within the world of telecom expense management (TEM), the term provisioning activity refers to any order for a move, an add, a change or a disconnection of carrier service. Often referred to as MACDs, these activities optimize the inventory environment, ensuring necessary resources are active while disconnecting those not in use.

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What Goes into a TEM Audit?

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) can be seen as the systematic attempt to manage, consolidate, and optimize the telecoms environment to curtail risk and lower costs. Auditing is a linchpin in this process and, if performed well, can unlock huge savings.

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