How to Get Value from Your TEM Provider

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Josh Bouk

17 August 2017


Telecom expense management (TEM) can be a highly valuable service for organizations. Not only can it deliver immediate cost savings, but, when strategically managed, it can generate infrastructure management efficiencies, reducing capital expenditure throughout a contract's lifecycle.

Despite its value, choosing a TEM solution continues to challenge enterprises across all sectors. To reap the greatest benefits, IT professionals need to evaluate TEM vendors on their ability to provide a transparent, supported, end-to-end service that drives ongoing cost and efficiency savings.

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Trust and Transparency 

Advanced telecoms management is complicated. Multiple vendors in different countries offer various tailored tariffs and bundles aimed at users with different types of roles and needs. There is a rapidly increasing portfolio of devices with variable contract lengths. And the increasing popularity of BYOD adds yet further complexity. 

The key to effective spend management is transparency. An exhaustive, continuous and detailed audit of devices is needed to provide clarity into billing records, contracts, tariffs and inventories and present a detailed summary of where savings can be achieved.

TEM provides organizations with greater visibility into fixed and mobile telecom expenses, but to extract the greatest value from a TEM service, enterprises must also be forthcoming about the devices and contracts they have in place. 

Choosing a provider that’s transparent about the services they offer is pivotal to attaining the greatest value and will leave your team free to focus on more important, core activities. But, to reap the greatest benefits, transparency must be provided to the TEM provider in return. 

Comprehensive Support 

TEM demands continuous focus, attention to detail, and expertise. To generate the most value from a TEM service it’s necessary to choose a provider that can demonstrate the requisite commitment and availability to your organization.

Powerful TEM software is an essential element of a wider TEM strategy, but, on its own, is rarely a solution for organizations unless they can afford to dedicate their critical telecom and finance team members to full time audit and validation work.

A fully supported TEM solution is comprised not only of software, but is backed by a team of experts who are available 24/7, experienced in handling invoice disputes via sophisticated workflow tools, and have a long-standing reputation of providing unrivalled customer service.

End-to-End Service 

An end-to-end TEM service is essential. From contract origin, through systematic optimization of expenses, to eventual service termination, only a comprehensive solution can effectively support organizational requirements and improve quality management.

Best-in-class TEM providers have come to understand that while cost savings are an important goal – and frequently regarded as the primary aim of TEM – they must not come at the expense of a fully-managed customer-facing service.

A truly end-to-end service provides a personalized and optimized experience. Choosing a provider that provides a comprehensive service throughout the telecoms lifecycle will help manage complexity, and offer unmatched reliability, experience and insight. 

TEM Recommendations

To gain the most value from your TEM solution, it's important to select a provider that can effectively support the scale and scope of your organization.

While many organizations view TEM simply as a way to recoup capital, when delivered as an effective service, the benefits extend far beyond cost savings and include increased productivity and enhanced quality management. To take advantage of these additional benefits, enlisting the services of a well-established, publicly traded player with long-standing ties to the industry is essential. 

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