4 Reasons to Partner with a TEM Vendor for Procurement Projects

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Josh Bouk

02 August 2018


Regardless of where they’re based or what they do, companies around the world need to make faster and more strategic sourcing decisions to retain a competitive edge.

Across all industries, in-house procurement teams are tasked with the job of improving service quality, reducing cost and eliminating business risk. And, representing anywhere between the third- and fifth- most substantial business cost, telecom services are (understandably) frequently targeted.

But navigating the telecom arena is not without its challenges, and for organizations looking to better support their in-house teams during the telecom procurement process, securing the services of a telecom sourcing partner is essential. Here's a handful of reasons why. 

1. Multi-Supplier Management

At an enterprise level, in-house procurement teams are expected to manage multiple telecom contracts, throughout numerous different countries, across an array of different suppliers.

Although procurement specialists may well be adept at handling multiple large contracts simultaneously, enterprise-level telecom procurement projects require deep technical knowledge of telecom technologies, as well as detailed understanding of telecom billing structures, tariffs, surcharges and taxes.

By securing the services of a global telecom procurement partner, your organization can overcome many of the obstacles stemming from a lack of industry expertise. As well as identify discrepancies within suppliers’ billing data and locate opportunities where additional savings can be made.

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2. Billing Data Analysis

As highlighted above, enterprise organizations are frequently presented with billing data in different formats and currencies, often saturated with country-specific jargon.

And that’s just the beginning. Even if your procurement team manages to discern meaning from this data, they’re then tasked with analysis and distribution across the company  particularly to sectors such as IT finance.

However, securing the services of a TEM procurement partner can help to alleviate this time-consuming process. A TEM provider can analyze and audit every line of every invoice, and then process and make payments on your behalf, automatically and accurately distributing costs to the appropriate cost centers and budget owners. Not only will this reduce your procurement team’s headaches, it also ensures overcharges from late fees, misapplied payments, and service disruption are mitigated.

3. Market Expertise

For global organizations who require multi-country services dispersed around the globe, industry knowledge is more an essential than a luxury.

With the unique visibility of a global TEM provider, who can leverage their knowledge of the rates and contract terms available by both in-region and multi-national providers, it's possible to help you negotiate the best combination of global service quality and low cost.

For organizations with data networks spanning Shanghai to Saskatoona and Boston to Brisbane, only a global TEM provider can offer the necessary, bias-free expertise to extract the best rates. 

4. Inventory Visibility

For global organizations, capturing a clear picture of the global telecom inventory while retaining regional autonomy is challenging.

Even with a central network infrastructure team, the tracking of MACDs across a multitude of global locations is burdensome. And, even if achieved, often cuts regional teams off at the knees, preventing them from accessing the local information they need.

But by leveraging the services of an external TEM provider, you can make sure your local teams have clear visibility into the inventory of telecom circuits and services in their city, country, or region. This ensures the costs associated with them are better understood so optimization changes can be made without fear of losing global and regional transparency.  

Telecom Procurement Partnership

In the current economic climate, it’s becoming more and more important for enterprise organizations to source the best contract terms at the best rates – especially for their telecom services.

In-house procurement teams must overcome a variety of obstacles to extract the greatest value from a contract. And for organizations looking to better support their teams during this time, securing the services of a TEM procurement partner is essential.

Partnership with a TEM provider like Cass Telecom will not only eradicate many of the most common headaches and pain-points during the procurement process, we will also support your in-house team at every stage – from RFP creation to eventual contract termination.

To speak to Cass regarding our procurement services, why not get in touch with an expert? Or, alternatively, if you'd like to gain a clearer picture of the TEM landscape, and see why global research and advisory firm Gartner recognize Cass as the sole publicly traded vendor to deliver real results on a global scale, download its latest TEM market guide

Gartner 2018 TEM Market Guide

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