What is Telecom MACD Activity?

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Josh Bouk

02 November 2017


In telecoms, MACD is the acronym to describe any order for a move, an add, a change or a disconnection of services. Often referred to as provisioning activity, MACDs are a vital component of telecom expense management (TEM) and a key facet of telecom inventory management.

The Challenge of MACDs

When opening and closing branches at speed, enterprises can struggle to keep track of telecom services. Not only is it difficult to stay on top of the influx of carrier service invoices, but, to add to the confusion, activities such as provisioning, inventory management, and TEM frequently occur in silos. This can lead to mistakes – allowing overcharges to go undetected – and results in companies paying for unused services.

In enterprise communications networks, in particular, the inventory of services in effect and the technology deployed are constantly changing: wireless services can move on a daily basis, fixed lines are added as new branches open, changes occur when scaling up and down resources, and the closing of a branch results in disconnects

In retail especially  where individual stores open and close, sales are seasonal, and end-user turnover is swift – the inability to track provisioning activities effectively can result in a mountain of paperwork, constant risk of over-payments, and the numerous headaches that accompany them.

To avoid overspend and to generate cost-savings, companies must keep the telecom inventory accurate.

The Value of Tracking MACDs

Tracking and recording MACDs provides a clear, up-to-date snapshot of the telecom environment across an enterprise.

This provides organizations with clear insight into its inventory to reduce inaccuracies and enables it to compare services with invoices to ensure it only pays for the services it uses.

But tracking MACDs and updating the telecom inventory not only reduces costs, when integrated with a full TEM solution, it can help an enterprise better align its infrastructure management and generate ongoing cost savings year on year.

A telecom expense management (TEM) service can accurately track MACDs for  improved inventory management – gain up-to-date insight into the TEM market  here.

Why Choose Managed MACDs?

The telecom environment is notoriously complex. Today’s enterprises are managing fixed telecoms and IT infrastructure, mobile devices, and, increasingly, employee-owned devices as part of a BYOD program, across numerous branch locations.

Add to this the negotiation of services and contracts and invoice management and, suddenly, keeping track of all provisioning activities becomes a very time-consuming task.

Today, businesses can invest in a managed service that accurately tracks MACDs, effectively updates inventory management, and provides millions of dollars worth of cost-saving and infrastructure optimization benefits without a management headache.


With a TEM solution from Cass, enterprises can benefit from a comprehensive service that tracks, manages and reports on all fixed and mobile telecom assets for improved infrastructure management and significant cost-savings.

Don’t just take our word for it, find out why Gartner identifies Cass as the only publicly traded TEM provider with the necessary global delivery capabilities to offer global enterprise-level TEM satisfaction by downloading Gartner’s 2018 TEM market guide.

Gartner 2018 TEM Market Guide

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