Cass for the

Network Infrastructure Manager

Take the telecom initiative, and look to Cass to help you boost network availability. Improve your visibility and control of assets, minimize incident response times, and let us help you reduce network downtime to zero.

Achieve Asset Visibility

Get a clearer view of the status of your assets with a continuous, systematic audit of your resources. Our TEM service can help you compare billing records, contracts and tariffs against location, improving your network understanding and helping to identify where savings can be achieved.

Reduce Connectivity Downtime

In addition to visibility, TEM services like inventory management, auditing and bill payment combine to drastically reduce service interruptions while enabling your team to quickly and accurately troubleshoot and resolve issues at remote locations.

Say Goodbye to Provisioning Headaches

When it comes to provisioning, we carry the load and let you give time-consuming carrier phone calls the boot. With Cass experts communicating on your behalf, you can rest assured that all MACD work will be carried out quickly and efficiently, providing you with more time to focus on your strategic projects.

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