About Cass Information Systems

From our beginnings as a local St. Louis bank, to our current status as the top provider of expense management solutions for enterprise, managing $50 billion of disbursements, Cass has stood as a beacon of stability, with a proud history of evolving and growing with our clients.

More to Cass than Telecoms

Cass Information Systems leads the way in providing freight & parcel, utility and waste expense management. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Cass Commercial Bank, we disburse more than $50 billion annually on behalf of Cass clients around the world.

Cass offers unparalleled expertise in processing complex payables, allowing us to offer exceptional expense management services and eliminate time-consuming auxiliary work that distracts from core functions.


With over $25 billion disbursed annually on behalf of our freight payment clients, Cass is the leading provider of global freight payment and audit services. Our leading online business intelligence engine, CassPort®, gives clients full visibility into their transportation costs, allowing them to reach higher standards in supply chain excellence.

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Cass is the largest utility processor in the US, thanks to our lightning invoice turnaround, accuracy of data, secure payment facilities and intuitive web portals for ultimate visibility into energy spend. Cass expertise helps enterprises better understand their energy usage and improve carbon emission reduction initiatives.

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Waste Management

Cass offers a full expense management service, which saves clients an average of 20%, for multi-site organizations across the U.S. Our national waste management program ensures every client enjoys significant savings, superb quality control and complete visibility of recycling and disposal services.

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Cass Commercial Bank is a member of the Federal Reserve, which affords us exceptional financial control and ensures funds move safely and securely through the full Cass operation. Founded in 1906, Cass Commercial Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cass Information Systems, Inc.

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A Proud History

From our beginnings in 1906 as Cass Bank, our history has been one of steady growth, supported by consistent stability. Today Cass is a publicly traded company, providing services in 90 countries and offering the best in telecoms management since 2004.


Cass Avenue Bank opens to serve residential St. Louis


Cass Avenue Bank joins the newly created Federal Reserve System


Cass weathers the Great Depression, remaining one of the stronger banks in St. Louis


Cass begins offering freight audit and payment services, then called the Freight Payment Plan


Cass Information Systems, Inc forms, with Cass Bank as a wholly owned subsidiary


Customers begin to come to Cass for utility expense management


Cass Information Systems begins trading on NASDAQ


Cass celebrates its centennial in business


Cass acquires ProfitLab, creating the Telecom Information Services business unit


Cass opens first EMEA location in Breda, Netherlands to meet expanding global customer needs


Cass awarded US patent for ground-breaking BYOD management solution, Cass Direct2Carrier™ Payments


Cass acquires UK-based EffTel as global Telecoms Expense Management business expands


Cass holds $1.5 billion in assets and disburses nearly $50 billion annually

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